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The Purpose of This Site is Two Fold. I Have Many Requests as to What a 400 Anniversary Clock is. Following is a Very Brief Answer to this Question. Secondly, to Display Anniversary Clocks Which are for Sale. Occasionally, I Must Part With Some of My Treasures in Order to Perpetuate My Hobby. If Interested, Please Click on the Stylized Clock to the Left.

Anniversary Clocks Experienced a Revival in the Early 50s When I was in High School. I Became Fascinated With Them at the Time and Have Tinkered with Them On and Off Over the Years. I Am Now a Retired Industrial Education Teacher and Have Turned this Long Lasting Romantic Attachment into a Pleasant Hobby. If You are in Need of a Horologist to Repair Your Clock My Fees are Very Reasonable.


What is a 400-Day Anniversary Clock?


The 400 day clock or anniversary clock as it is called was one of mans first attempts at a practical answer to timekeeping around the turn of the century. The earliest use of the term "400 Day" was used in 1884 and the term "Anniversary" was a trade mark, registered in 1901 by U.S. importer who saw the clocks as birthday or wedding gifts that could be wound each year on the anniversary of the event.

It is a very simple no frills, spring-operated clock. The purpose of the dome or paned enclosure was to protect the works from dirt and dust.Many of the better clock cases were made in France and Shipped to German clock manufacturers where the 400 Day Clock Movements were installed. Prior to 1900 attempts were made to produce a striking 400 Day Clock but they were short lived due to technical problems with the strike train.

The clock has two springs, a main spring that is contained inside a brass barrel, which is wound once a year and the suspension spring which supports the pendulum. This suspension spring is composed of material, which is less sensitive to changes in temperature in order to provide the correct time with variations in temperature. If this spring becomes twisted or kinked it must be replaced and the clock put back into beat. This is a job for a horologist. There are eighty three (83) different replacement 400 day suspension spring units available to meet the requirements of different anniversary clocks. The proper spring must be matched with the specific clock or it will not function properly

This pendulum is usually a wheel-like mass shaped like a flat disk or spheres attached by cross spokes. Rotation of the pendulum winds and unwinds the suspension spring, the energy impulses are picked up at the top of the spring through a small fork. The fork activates the escapement releasing energy stored in the main spring permitting the clock to run. As the period of a cycle is quite slow compared to the gravity swing pendulum, it is possible to make clocks that need to be wound only once a year. This rotating type of pendulum is not as affected by the local force of gravity and is less sensitive to temperature changes than the conventional swinging pendulum found on the traditional Long Case/Grandfather type clock.

These clocks will keep very accurate time but they are very, very touchy and require a lot of patience in setting them up and regulating them. Thus, if someone is looking for a practical accurate timepiece this is not the answer as they can get out of kilter very easily.


If you have any further questions I please feel free to E-mail Me me.

Reference,Horolovar 400 Day Clock Repair Guide,10 Edition, By Charles Terwilliger,The Horolovar Company ISBN 0-916316-04-1

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